A (Slightly) Longer Look

Taking the train from London to Edinburgh with my brother, Steve.

A native of Long Beach Island, NJ, I have always enjoyed the beach.  My brother, Steve and I both enjoyed our youth at home with our parents, Ron and Marty.  I was a skateboarding kid who pretty much got straight A’s throughout high school.  Raised at a Lutheran church, went to a formerly baptist affiliated college, studied at to two seminaries in west Philly, spent summers at a Christian camp, worked at Calvary Chapels, helped at Methodist churches, and spent some time at a Presbyterian church before giving myself a sabbatical.

In 2015 I hiked the entirety of the Appalachian Trail from Springer Mountain, GA to Katahdin, ME.  Over those 2189 miles I wrote, read, mused, journaled and met a whole range of delightful people.  Since then I have been working on a post-graduate degree at Princeton Theological Seminary and begun working again at a church just west of Philadelphia.

Version 2

Over the years I have had the opportunity to speak at and organize more than 60 youth gatherings, retreats, young adult seminars and church trips.  I’ve taught in churches and preached at lakesides, had the opportunity to be a hospital chaplain for a time, and all the while maintained being a voracious reader and cinephile (I truly do enjoy books and movies!).  I have more than a dozen years in professional youth ministry work, and have been known every so often to take an adventure.

Fortunately, I have for the most part worked in ministries that could be considered healthy.  I have also, fortunately, worked in ministries that were less so.  While in each situation, I decided to  purposefully chose to wrestle God for each situation’s potential wisdom and insights.  As a result of that intentional decision I sought to have a well-read background in systems theory, clergy self care, boundaries, polity and policy, theories of leadership and communities in transition/crisis on top of my background in systematic theology.

Looking forward, I hope to pass on to the next generation of ministry professionals my passion and input on all of these things at the local church, denominational, and seminary level.

At Hadrian’s Wall in the United Kingdom.