Explaining the Logo

So, I made a logo.

It was through Fiverr.

Here is the breakdown as I see it. I think it turned out to be a simple but very compact in its meaning. Here we go.

The Compass (around the edge) – We all need something to help orient our lives. For me, it is the Christian tradition, faith, and inherited wisdom. It is my compass and I actually think that it has far more to say about practical life than people have been led to believe…

The Sunrise – Cheer up, today is a new day. Yesterday could have been bad, but today has fresh opportunities, some light may be just cresting the horizon or already here.

The Two Mountains – In the Jewish tradition, their holy mountain is Sinai, where they and God made promises to one another, and agreed on a code to live by. It is understood as the mountain of the Law. In the Christian tradition, our holy mountain is Golgotha, where Christ was crucified, and is understood as the mountain of Grace. We live our lives between these mountains. Sometimes needing some more Law and sometimes needing more Grace. When we have one without the other, we can fall into problems. Everything belongs, and so we need both of these truths to live well: we need law and we need grace.

The Starry Depths – Deep within us, just below the surface are beautiful constellations of souls. It may seem dark and scary, but it is a luminous darkness that actually ground and enable the rest of our lives to have wonder, awe, and limitlessness.

The Wilderness – Because life is a journey. We may have a start and a finish, but there is no set path. You have to walk your path between the mountains, during the day and the night, and I do as well. But that doesn’t mean we won’t cross paths and perhaps share some tips about how to traverse this terrain we call life.

I am sure I may be able to notice some more nuances to the logo, but as for now, I will admit that I am pleasantly happy with it.


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  1. John,

    Love the logo! Well done and very well thought out.

    It appears we are looking through a telescope or binoculars. You are probably aware properly adjusted binoculars show a single circle, not the double circle Hollywood likes to show. This reminds me that as we go through life, our vision is often very narrow in scope. I think we need to be vigilant, bear this in mind and remember to keep our eyes open for needs, opportunities and the beauty we should be able see all around us.

    In other words, “keep our heads on a swivel”

    Psalm 119:18 Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law.


    Papa Tuck


  2. Wow, that is a brilliant insight. You are right about Hollywood showing binoculars as two overlapping circles. I will have to ponder that further, thank you, Papa Tuck!


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